Emergency Radio Buying Guide


‘Never say never’ is not just a simple saying. There are situations when the weather acts like a rebel and destroys everything without putting much effort. You can prevent critical situations if you get an emergency radio that tells when natural hazards are about to happen.

The purpose of a tool like this is to provide you vital updates when you need them most, even if the main power grid is down. Emergency radios are unique due to their special design that offers several different power alternatives. There are units that come with bells and whistles so that you’ll get notified when things get worse.

Before making a purchase, there are certain aspects you must consider. It’s important not to spend your budget on a piece of radio that doesn’t cover the specifications that you need most.

In times of need, you’ll want a radio that allows you to receive public alerts that you can hear clearly, without interruptions. A Public Alert radio plays a tone that precedes and alert in order to get your attention. Moreover, there are units that flash a light or vibrate along with the notification.


If you see a radio that comes with a logo like this – NOAA NWR All Hazards, you can rest assured that your item receives all the important alerts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the National Weather Service. Given the fact that you buy an emergency radio because you want to be safe during bad weather conditions and natural disasters, it is clearly a must-have feature.

Most people want to receive information regarding issues from the area they live in. This is why the best emergency radio has a SAME function that allows you to get warnings that apply strictly to your region. SAME stands for Specific Area Message Encoding.

When bad situations occur, you’ll most likely lack a proper power source. Therefore, models that enable you to use batteries, solar panels, and even the cigarette lighter socket from your car, are more than welcome.

If you live in a place where rainfall and floods are common things, you’ll want an emergency radio that is waterproof. Also, a unit that ensures some level of dust-resistance is great if your residence is prone to dust storms.



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