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Welcome to the Contractor Directory, this site has been developed to give visitors access to the companies and organisations that work in the New Zealand contracting industry. The companies listed may be involved in a range of services from track and road construction, road sweepers and painters, general engineering, design builds and other major construction tasks... the list will hopefully become very large as time and interest gathers. Below you will find links to the  NZ Associations and the ITO that represent this trade sector.

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To get around this site click on the regional map on the area you wish to visit. If you wish to return to the nztrades directory click on this icon littletrade.gif (6715 bytes) found on the top, left and bottom navigation bars. If you wish to return to THIS page click the Industry Banner above. Thank you, and happy surfing.
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Association Links:

If you wish to have a link to your organisation please email the  email.gif (15802 bytes) webmaster

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New Zealand Contracting Industry Training Organisation.

Regular, on-going, quality training ensures:

Employees and their employers are able to demonstrate effective industry based training programmes as part of the Companies Attributes.
Employees are trained in "safe work practices" which is then adopted in the workplace.
There are significant cost benefits by having well trained staff members:
Employees are able to adapt to a variety of jobs and situations.
Staff are able to work more efficiently and effectively.
Staff are able to respond to changes within the business operation.
Individual staff skill levels are improved.

Employees benefit by:

Having a qualification that recognises prior learning.
You will know how to work and operate plant and machinery safely, be able to 'fill in' other people's jobs (not being limited to one job).
The better skilled you are - the more valuable you are to an employer.
You will become better at your job and more confident in your work - even if it just confirms what you're presently doing is on track.
Contact Details
FREEPHONE 0800 ITOMAN ~ 0800 486 626 email:
FAX (04) 496 3272         :
PO Box 12 013 - Wellington office
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The New Zealand Contractors' Federation (Inc).

The New Zealand Contractors’ Federation Inc (founded in 1944) is the national organisation of the civil-engineering construction and general-contracting industry – a service industry that has played an important part in the development of our country.
The industry plays a vital role in our modern economy, providing and maintaining the country’s infrastructure of public services – the services needed by a modern, developed economy that must compete efficiently in world markets to maintain and improve its high standard of living.

The federation is also recognised, in terms of the Industry Training Act 1993, as the industry training organisation (ITO) responsible for training for the civil-engineering construction and general-contracting industry.
Membership is open to businesses engaged in providing:
Transport – constructing and maintaining the roads, bridges, rail- ways, airports and harbours needed for our modern transport networks.
Energy – constructing and maintaining the dams, power stations, oil and gas installations, pipelines, transmission lines and storage and distribution facilities needed to produce and distribute energy to our industry and homes.
Communications – constructing the modern communications networks needed for business, leisure and social cohesion.
Public health – constructing and maintaining the dams, reservoirs, water-treatment plants, water pipelines, sewers and sewage-treatment and disposal plants needed to maintain the public-health system that protects all New Zealanders.
Farming and forestry – developing, servicing and harvesting the farms and forests that produce our major exports.
Industry and commerce – constructing the factories and process plants needed to process our raw materials into products for export and domestic consumption. Sport and recreation – constructing, developing and maintaining the sport and recreation facilities and the parks and reserves needed to fulfil an increasing demand for leisure pursuits.
Civil defence – constructing and maintaining the defences needed to prevent natural disasters and assisting in civil defence emergencies.
National defence – constructing the facilities needed for our national defence.


The federation's mission is:
"To protect and enhance the interests of its members" or, put more colloquially, Getting It Right for Contractors Under that driving objective, the federation has three subsidiary objectives:
improving overall industry quality to create a better industry performance;
improving the business environment within which the industry operates;
and improving the competitive advantage of members.
Telephone   : 04 496 3270
FAX           : 04 496 3272
Postal address:   PO Box 12 013, Wellington
Physical address: 21 Fitzherbert Terrace, Wellington

Electronic mail
General Information  :
Website                 :

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NZ Trades Directory - Contact Information

If you wish to to be listed on this site please send us your contact details by using the lists & links form, don't forget to give the URL  of the site you wish to have listed. If you would like to advertise your products or services, have banner advertising or if you are interested in web design and hosting please contact the My Net team by using the links below. If you want to find out about our design and hosting services click here

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