Choosing a Good Sump Pump

When facing flood issues in our basement, we need proper tools in order to keep our house dry and undamaged. A sump pump is the best option in any home because it represents a method of protection against moisture and leaks. Even though sump pumps can be purchased easily from hardware stores, you need to choose the correct size if you want to get rid of the entire mess.

Depending on the area you live in, your home may have a foundation located below the water table. If your house is in a dry area, then you won’t encounter major issues in terms of flooding. Just keep in mind that a sump pump is chosen based on the amount of moisture you need to manage.

The best sump pumps are sold according to the power of its motor and not their size. You need to understand that the power of a sump pump is measured in horsepower. Usually, you’ll find the details written in the product description.

Sump pumps are sold in increments out of 1-whole, such as .5-horsepower, .33 horsepower, .25 horsepower and the list goes on.

The standard sump pump is the .33-horsepower option and it’s the model that most houses have installed.

Another type of sump pump is the 5-horsepower one that can remove up to 3000 gallons of water per hour. Even though you’ll find pumps powerful than this, this is more than enough for an average home so you can stick to this if you don’t have major flooding.

If you’re on a budget, you can always opt for a .25-horsepower sump pump. A tad weaker than previous units, it does a good job if you live in a place where moisture and extreme weather are not major problems.

In conclusion, you should get a sump pump once you determine how much of your drainage system will be connected to the pump and whether your foundation is below the water table. Additionally, you can consider other factors such as how deep your basement and groundwater are.





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