5 great devices every student needs

The days when students spent the majority of their time studying in libraries are long forgotten. Nowadays, young people need all sorts of cool gadgets that can ease their learning process and enhance their passion for technology. Especially when living in dorms, with other fellow students, you need as much comfort as possible to fulfill the tasks given by your teachers.

  1. Noise-canceling wireless headphones

We all know that noise is the last thing a student needs when preparing for an important exam. Because college is a place where loud crowds are a thing, you need a pair of noise-canceling headphones that you can put on and continue reading without being disturbed.

Besides, these come in handy when you want to hit the gym and do your workout in peace and whenever you feel like studying and the level of noise around you is way too loud. The most important aspect is that they are so comfortable to use and don’t take much space in your backpack so you can carry it with you anytime you need a time by yourself.


  1. Portable external battery

Since we can’t live without or smartphones, it’s understandable why a portable phone charger that keeps your battery full is a must. There’s nothing more annoying than having to answer some emails or texts and realizing that your phone is dead.

Plus, most of these devices allow you to charge simultaneously your tablet and your phone. They are quite affordable and some models look so stylish that you wouldn’t even guess they are simple external batteries. Look for built-in phone cases charging batteries if you want to make sure you never forget it in your dorm or at home.


  1. Wireless printer

Even though there are plenty of printers located throughout various locations inside the college campus, there are so many desperate students in need of printed copies, that you must wait in line for your turn. Since time is not on your side, you must get the best printer for college that allows you to put your documents on paper whenever you want. And since it benefits from WiFi technology, you can rest assured there’s no need for more cables inside your dorm room.

  1. Flash drive

Indeed, we live in a world surrounded by wireless objects but you can’t rely solely on this technology. Sometimes devices fail to respond and the old-fashioned excuse that your homework was eaten by the cat is definitely not an option. So you should purchase a larger flash drive where you can store your projects and use it to copy several files from your school lab.


  1. Small air fan

Because air conditioning is considered a real luxury among college dorms, you’d be surprised about the effects produced by a small portable air fan. These units don’t occupy much space and you can put in right next to your laptop, on your desk. If you like, you can opt for a model that runs on batteries and has multiple ventilation levels to choose from.



How to Choose the Perfect Foot Massager?


Our feet have to bear so much stress that it’s no wonder we require a tool that relaxes and alleviates the pain. In order to so, we need to get a proper foot massager that replenishes the energy that we’ve lost during the day and improves the circulation in our feet.

You might be tempted to go to a beauty spa but considering the time and money you spend for services that aren’t always high-quality, you can purchase a foot massager instead. This way, you can forget about your hectic schedule and embrace the path to happy feet.

Generally, there are two major categories of foot massagers, simple and therapeutic units that have pros and cons when it comes to certain aspects.

For instance, simple massagers provide only relief for your pain but don’t have a strong effect on your overall body health. Most common simple tools for massaging your feet are roller massagers, with the balls or the pads that you use for moving your feet up and down. The main advantage is that they cost much and you can get them from any store that sells beauty and wellness products.

The best foot massager is the one that has a therapeutic value because this way you not only reduce the pain and stress but also use medical procedures to improve the blood circulation in your entire body.

Among this type of foot massagers you’ll find water, heated, and electric foot massagers. Units that require water in order to operate are great because they imitate the spa session and allow the water to ease your discomfort. In addition, they can soften the coms and the calluses.

Heated massagers ensure a nice and warm feeling that helps you boost the blood flow and stimulate the nerve cells that are located under your skin. Electric items use vibration that revives the blood vessels. Some of these massagers come with special features such as heat settings and infrared options.


Choosing a Good Sump Pump

When facing flood issues in our basement, we need proper tools in order to keep our house dry and undamaged. A sump pump is the best option in any home because it represents a method of protection against moisture and leaks. Even though sump pumps can be purchased easily from hardware stores, you need to choose the correct size if you want to get rid of the entire mess.

Depending on the area you live in, your home may have a foundation located below the water table. If your house is in a dry area, then you won’t encounter major issues in terms of flooding. Just keep in mind that a sump pump is chosen based on the amount of moisture you need to manage.

The best sump pumps are sold according to the power of its motor and not their size. You need to understand that the power of a sump pump is measured in horsepower. Usually, you’ll find the details written in the product description.

Sump pumps are sold in increments out of 1-whole, such as .5-horsepower, .33 horsepower, .25 horsepower and the list goes on.

The standard sump pump is the .33-horsepower option and it’s the model that most houses have installed.

Another type of sump pump is the 5-horsepower one that can remove up to 3000 gallons of water per hour. Even though you’ll find pumps powerful than this, this is more than enough for an average home so you can stick to this if you don’t have major flooding.

If you’re on a budget, you can always opt for a .25-horsepower sump pump. A tad weaker than previous units, it does a good job if you live in a place where moisture and extreme weather are not major problems.

In conclusion, you should get a sump pump once you determine how much of your drainage system will be connected to the pump and whether your foundation is below the water table. Additionally, you can consider other factors such as how deep your basement and groundwater are.




Yogurt Maker Buying Guide

Even though you can make yogurt using a pot and a thermometer, in reality, there are so many factors involved that it is better to use a professional system in order to achieve a delicious and nutritious yogurt.

Electric yogurt makers are great kitchen tools that simplify the process and allow to enjoy your final product in a short amount of time. Because yogurt makers use a special mechanism for incubating the yogurt mixture, the environment is ideal in order for the natural bacteria to multiply fast.

If you’re not sure what kind of device you need to purchase, you should keep in mind that the right amount of heat and temperature control are the ones responsible for the consistency of the yogurt.

The best yogurt maker is the one that comes with a perfect capacity in order to satisfy all of your needs. Since freshly made yogurt doesn’t have preservatives to prevent it from lasting longer, you should be able to do enough to enjoy for no more than a couple of days. Even though you store it in the fridge, it’s better to make just enough so you and your family eat and not end up throwing it with waste food.

Some units are more automated than the rest. When in the market for a good yogurt maker, you need to decide whether you want to add things during the process or if you just set it once and come back when the yogurt is done.

There are several models that feature a self-cooling option that allows the yogurt to keep a cool temperature when it’s finished. Otherwise, you’ll need to be present when the yogurt has done its process in order to refrigerate it immediately.

Just like any other electronic device, when in use, the yogurt make can get a tad overheated. You can avoid safety hazards if you opt for a unit that is outfitted with an automatic shut-off feature that turns the machine off once the mix is ready.


3 things you didn’t know about…


We all crave a cup of coffee in the morning. The smell and the delicious taste are the perfect ingredients for a great start of the day. No wonder people love the idea of spending their time sipping coffee in nice coffee shops.

Because coffee is one of the most popular beverages on the planet, it’s important to learn a few facts about this divine drink. If you enjoy coffee and can’t imagine your world without it, keep reading and see some cool things that you probably never knew about it.

  1. It’s not the caffeine that you’re craving but its effect on your brain

Most people think wrong that they crave caffeine and without it, they won’t be able to work through the day. In reality, it all has to do with the process happening in your brain. When your brain is active, the neurons inside produce a by-product called adenosine. The levels of adenosine are monitored by the nervous system and when they start getting too high, the brain slows down. This is the time when you begin to feel sleepy and slow in your routine.

As you start drinking coffee, the caffeine attaches to your adenosine receptors and prevents your brain from detecting the actual levels of adenosine. Therefore, it keeps you going full speed and full of energy. Basically, caffeine stops the thing that naturally slows down your body.


  1.  Legend has it that coffee was initially discovered by a goat herder

Apparently, animals have a thing for coffee, as well. It’s quite an interesting myth the fact that an Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi noticed one day that his goats were acting rather skittery after eating ripe coffee beans.

  1. There are two coffee species – Arabica and Canephora (robusta)

Canephora or robusta coffee is more productive and has a high content of caffeine. Plus, it’s quite resistant to diseases. In addition, arabica coffee has more lipids and nearly twice the quantity of sugars. Besides, it features a higher acidity and provides more complex flavor and aroma.