5 great devices every student needs

The days when students spent the majority of their time studying in libraries are long forgotten. Nowadays, young people need all sorts of cool gadgets that can ease their learning process and enhance their passion for technology. Especially when living in dorms, with other fellow students, you need as much comfort as possible to fulfill the tasks given by your teachers.

  1. Noise-canceling wireless headphones

We all know that noise is the last thing a student needs when preparing for an important exam. Because college is a place where loud crowds are a thing, you need a pair of noise-canceling headphones that you can put on and continue reading without being disturbed.

Besides, these come in handy when you want to hit the gym and do your workout in peace and whenever you feel like studying and the level of noise around you is way too loud. The most important aspect is that they are so comfortable to use and don’t take much space in your backpack so you can carry it with you anytime you need a time by yourself.


  1. Portable external battery

Since we can’t live without or smartphones, it’s understandable why a portable phone charger that keeps your battery full is a must. There’s nothing more annoying than having to answer some emails or texts and realizing that your phone is dead.

Plus, most of these devices allow you to charge simultaneously your tablet and your phone. They are quite affordable and some models look so stylish that you wouldn’t even guess they are simple external batteries. Look for built-in phone cases charging batteries if you want to make sure you never forget it in your dorm or at home.


  1. Wireless printer

Even though there are plenty of printers located throughout various locations inside the college campus, there are so many desperate students in need of printed copies, that you must wait in line for your turn. Since time is not on your side, you must get the best printer for college that allows you to put your documents on paper whenever you want. And since it benefits from WiFi technology, you can rest assured there’s no need for more cables inside your dorm room.

  1. Flash drive

Indeed, we live in a world surrounded by wireless objects but you can’t rely solely on this technology. Sometimes devices fail to respond and the old-fashioned excuse that your homework was eaten by the cat is definitely not an option. So you should purchase a larger flash drive where you can store your projects and use it to copy several files from your school lab.


  1. Small air fan

Because air conditioning is considered a real luxury among college dorms, you’d be surprised about the effects produced by a small portable air fan. These units don’t occupy much space and you can put in right next to your laptop, on your desk. If you like, you can opt for a model that runs on batteries and has multiple ventilation levels to choose from.




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