3 things you didn’t know about…


We all crave a cup of coffee in the morning. The smell and the delicious taste are the perfect ingredients for a great start of the day. No wonder people love the idea of spending their time sipping coffee in nice coffee shops.

Because coffee is one of the most popular beverages on the planet, it’s important to learn a few facts about this divine drink. If you enjoy coffee and can’t imagine your world without it, keep reading and see some cool things that you probably never knew about it.

  1. It’s not the caffeine that you’re craving but its effect on your brain

Most people think wrong that they crave caffeine and without it, they won’t be able to work through the day. In reality, it all has to do with the process happening in your brain. When your brain is active, the neurons inside produce a by-product called adenosine. The levels of adenosine are monitored by the nervous system and when they start getting too high, the brain slows down. This is the time when you begin to feel sleepy and slow in your routine.

As you start drinking coffee, the caffeine attaches to your adenosine receptors and prevents your brain from detecting the actual levels of adenosine. Therefore, it keeps you going full speed and full of energy. Basically, caffeine stops the thing that naturally slows down your body.


  1.  Legend has it that coffee was initially discovered by a goat herder

Apparently, animals have a thing for coffee, as well. It’s quite an interesting myth the fact that an Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi noticed one day that his goats were acting rather skittery after eating ripe coffee beans.

  1. There are two coffee species – Arabica and Canephora (robusta)

Canephora or robusta coffee is more productive and has a high content of caffeine. Plus, it’s quite resistant to diseases. In addition, arabica coffee has more lipids and nearly twice the quantity of sugars. Besides, it features a higher acidity and provides more complex flavor and aroma.



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